LW Job Applicator lets you outsource your job application affordably

JOB APPLICATOR - A LateralWork service to make your job applications easy

We find jobs that suit your profile (USA,CA) from all job sites and apply on your behalf within 4 hours of posting (so that you don't miss out on any jobs)

Lateral work is a virtual platform through which you can avail services that will help you to enhance your income and career prospects. Our 3 main offerings are

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Want to know your true worth? Connect with one of our HR professionals from USA/Canada to give you a salary assessment

JobApplicator connects you to a virtual assistant who does job search and application on your behalf. We provide tailor services - like editing resumes, doing ATS scans and writing cover letters too.

Are you planning to do multiple jobs? With the help of our hardware unit and hired virtual assistants from any part of the world, you can comfortably perform multiple jobs.

Our expertise: A team that is extremely good at job applications

Here is why you would find us a great partner for job search

  • We comb through 6 different job portals (North American) and give you job leads within hours of them getting posted.

  • The initial search is free of cost and only charges for jobs you want us to apply for you. This way you don't miss out on that ideal job for you.

Here is why our team is great at what they do

  • We are incredibly affordable and efficient.

The team consists of a group of VAs from India and we charge as little as 50c for a basic job application.

  • We keep a list of your applications, username, and password for quick retrieval.

  • And we are super fast - we can cover up to 20 jobs a day (thanks to our large team) - so that you don't even miss one relevant job.

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We only charge if you get a job through us

Our Services

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Free 10 job applications

Search within 8 hours of receiving message

Applying for jobs

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All Free Features

Applied within 8hrs of job posting

We take payment through PayPal

Applying for jobs

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Resume customization

Cover letters

ATS Scan using Job Scan

Applied within 4hrs of job posting


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I am a busy working women who doesn't have much time to go behind applying for jobs,but also wanted to take a shift in my career.Lateral work Job Applicator helped me in finding my dream job.The services they provide is appreciative .Everything from arranging my CV to setting me up with the perfect job was amazingly carried out by the freelancers.

-Client, New jersey (8/31/22)

"I engaged with Job Applicator couple of weeks back.Iwanted to check their basic service out.I was a bit too tied up with work to apply myself.I got the first ten jobs for free,I did check one of them they applied for and looked like they did a pretty decent job.Iam planning to engage them in my job search."

- Client, Ohio (6/30/22)



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Pay Securely

Currently, we are 100% WhatsApp based as we are building our leading site up. Connect with us through WhatsApp and share your requirements. One of our teammates will get back to you with 8hrs and get your applications going.

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Get your trials done

Only upgrade to our paid services when you are satisfied with the quality we offer. By upgrading, you can also avail yourself of several advanced services. We accept payment through Paypal which is safe and secure.

It is free and easy to experience our services. We are offering 10 free job applications as an introductory offer, as soon as you communicate your preferences with our expert team.

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Our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. We appreciate any successful referrals and offer a $20 Starbucks gift card. Enjoy exciting rewards through making connections.

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We typically respond within 4hrs of receiving a message

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