LateralWork Second Job is a portal for services to help you with doing multiple jobs. We give you reasons to do multiple jobs, tips to do it without adding to your stress and offers some services which will help you navigate this. Our inhouse developed hardware 'Remote Logger' lets you you remote in Virtal Assistants.


We put together some reasons why you should consider a second job especially if you are working in IT remotely. This guide also has how to navigate the process once you decided to take a 2nd job. The last part showcases some technology you can use to limit your hours while still being productive.

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Here are some reasons why you should join the community of Techies who are taking the leap to doing multiple jobs. My personal motivation was that I had no interest in socializing at office, so I used to decline all non-productive meetings . When the pandemic happened, I actually got disillusioned at the company I was working at since people started asking for ‘requests’ for the sake of it. When, I started doing some house chores in my free time, my manager who was tracking my productivity using some software – fired me. This was devastating since I used to output 2x of the work requirements. I decided to use this to my advantage, built a “remote logger” and I plugged in a freelancer from India to manage my ‘online activity’ in my new job. The freelancer I hired was good at the job, so I started delegating a bit of the work I didn’t want to do – now I was left with some good 25 hrs.

Written and researched by

Sam Thomas (alias)

Number of jobs working

currently: 2

Net Salary: $210,000 CAD

Weekly Hours: 25

Location: Canada


Once you have decided to do multiple jobs, here are some tips to help you navigate the process. Meeting conflicts are real and should go for roles that have minimal meetings. Some contract roles let you wok at your own hours.






Minimize any updates to linkedin profile,feign inactivity.

It helps to have multiple jobs across timezones.

One full time and the rest contract is ideal as contract offers more

flexible in hours

Deadline any roles with more than 20% meetings after onboarding as

meeting conflict can be a problem


Remote Logger - A Lateral Work Hardware

If you decide to hire a freelancer, you would need to give access to your work laptop for the freelancer to work. Remote Desktop is one way to do it,but companies occasionally do monitor laptops and might cause an immediate red-flag. There are technology solutions you can use to overcome this.

Our inhouse LateralWork Unit technology connects the freelancers by sending the keyboard, mouse and video signals over the internet and creatingan interface for them to work remotely. With no software or digit foot print on the work laptop, this seem to be best way to remote in a freelancer.

Lateral Work Remote Logger is an inhouse developed hardware solution with its own custom software . It is plug and play and does not require any driver installation . The data transmitted instantly thanks to high end configuration of the hardware and dedicated server and domain.

Hiring a Freelancer

Hiring a freelancer can make your life much easier but is not necessary. Most people are able-willing to do the extra hours for the 2nd job. Your run a bit risk of having one work laptop idle for extended hours of time which can be a red-flag for companies who monitor laptops. A good freelancer with the right skills can be hired for around $1000 a month and can carry 50-80% of the total workload. To do 3 or more jobs, freelancers and delegation are necessary


Plenty of hires or project are available. Would take a bit more digging to get someone to commit to your hours. Highly specialized skills are hard to find – not impossible. Great for one off projects.


LW Second Job hires a tech talent on your behalf from India. Don’t cater

to part time or one-off projects.


Data security needs to be monitored


Option to include a service to monitor

to avoid any data security breach.

Starting from $$

10% of salary of freelancer

10-20% of salary of freelancer

$600 flat charge per month

Hardware Support

Doesn’t offer KVM needed to remote

freelancer to work laptop. Shouldn’t be a problem for work which can be done from personal laptop.

Doesn’t offer KVM needed to remote

freelancer to work laptop. Shouldn’t be a problem for work which can be done from personal laptop.

Offers a high speed KVM – with

custom domain for $400 a month

Lateral Work Hardware Unit

Some features of our hardware unit are

  • Its plug and play (it comes across as a USB mouse in your device manager)

  • It doesn’t leave any hardware or digital footprint

  • It uses the mouse, keyboard and display signals from the hardware ports and doesn’t install any software or transmit any data from your laptop

  • It comes with a server that is dedicated for you so your VA can access a HTTP link to go about their work.

Our Services



Planning for doing multiple jobs, strategies to manage your LinkedIn, job search, strategies to keep your 2nd job busy etc.

This will save you a lot of mistakes one can make initially - like not finding the right job, Trying to keep two laptops busy at the same time, not knowing about employee monitoring softwares etc.

30 minute charge.

Virtual Assistant


Incase you want us to find you a Virtual Assistant we charge $100 per month for the service. We do onboarding, training and also replace the person if they leave. (Virtual Assistants can keep your screen busy at most).

Hardware Rental


$350 is the price of the hardware unit and $100 is the monthly rental charge for the unit.

Price includes Setup/Service/Server Space/Domain etc.



Incase you want us to find you a developer for the 2nd job, we charge $200 per month for the service. We do onboarding, training and replacement if the person leaves. (Developers are skilled enough to do the job on your behalf)



You can get a free PDF guide on how to go about doing multiple jobs once you send us an email.

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